Yet another editing tool

I attended a writing workshop last weekend. Margie Lawson  presented her EDITS system for strengthening writing and revising.

What a powerhouse she is.

Her message, reiterated throughout the whole 8 hours? You guessed it: empowerment.

Empowering your words.

Empowering your sentences.

The editing scene

The editing scene

Empowering your writing.

Using emotion powers up your writing. Her tools s were ones most of us have heard about before and may even use. But her message was to push these tools to a higher level. Recognize times in revising to launch torpedoes. Target and place them for massive effect. Drop the emotional bomb.



In technicolor.


Another key to this concept: Don’t carpet bomb. Use sparingly but where the emotional punch for the character and the reader will advance the plot, the suspense, the romance, the conflict. You get the picture.

Too many consequences, good, bad, stupid, or grotesque for the characters.  Not good.  If you’re a reader and emotionally punched too often, you become desensitized.  Why?  Readers won’t relate anymore.  Worse for the writer.  Readers won’t buy or continue to read you.

I’m editing now. As I go through my process, snatches of ideas from the workshop float in my head. I make changes. Hopefully, readers will agree.  I’m amping up the emotion where I need to. I make my characters rejoice, squirm, sweat.  Not all the time.  Just when needed.

Empowered editing equals powerful read

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6 Comments on “Yet another editing tool”

  1. Deb Says:

    MJ, I heard Margie Lawson at an NJRW event a few years back. Incredible brain work-out! I came out feeling totally exhausted yet totally energized. Wish I could have made it to this one, as well.

    Thanks for the reminders of her powerful presentation.

  2. edie17 Says:

    MJ, great post! I came back and went through all my notes. Since I took two of her classes, I feel like I’m incorporating a lot of this into my writing already. But seeing Margie in person takes it to a higher level.

  3. Loved Margie’s workshop! I’m finding where I instictively had been doing some of what she talked about (yay me!) but then there’s other areas where I need lots of work. Thanks to Margie’s great teaching, I’ll be able to improve in those areas and hopefully empower my writing, too.

  4. Mary Jo Says:

    Thanks,Stacey, Deb, and Edie for checking my blog and responding to my post.

    I have also been thinking constantly of all Margie said. Even doing this post I had what she said in mind.

    Hope you have a great week. I’m already thinking of next Sunday’s post.

  5. Donnell Says:

    Casey, I always get wow/aha/gotcha moments around Margie Lawson. I’m delighted you could meet her in person. Her online workshops are great, her in-person workshops leave you inspired because her exuberance and excitement are contagious. I take it this was Empowering Characters Emotions. A great workshop. Glad you got so much out of it. Well done!

  6. Mary Jo Says:

    Thanks, Donnell, for stopping by. Yes, this was Empowering Characters Emotions, but she got some Deep Edits in also.

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