Stairs and Stairways


Let’s talk about stairs and stairways. They go up or down. You can enter or leave a place by way of stairs. Songs have been written that mentioned stairways, one of my favorites is Led Zeppelin’s, Stairway to Heaven.

Stairs and stairways–they have been metaphors, used in many ways by others. Some see them as obstacles. Others, opportunities. Still others, as escapes or pathways to rewards.

I see stairs and stairways as a writer. For example, during my recent trip to Maine, I stayed in a charming old hotel which had a gorgeous stairway. However, lighting, especially during certain times, was dim. Each time I walked down those stairs I thought–what if a person was shoved from the top step and bumped downward all those steps? Could a neck be broken and the person die? Why might a villain do this? How could I make this happen if I were to use it in a mystery? I’m still mulling the idea and who knows, maybe a future book will use this idea to kill off or maim a victim.

Writers get ideas from many different sources, some charming, others neutral, a few deadly.

Writers see the world through their own unique lens, the one that allows them to create. Their creations have a power to pull a reader up or down a stairway or tackle a set of literary stairs.

Stairs and stairways. To heaven or hell. To success or despair. To love or hate.

Stairs and stairways…a pathway, not matter what lens you use.

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9 Comments on “Stairs and Stairways”

  1. edie17 Says:

    Casey, I see your mind is on murder and mayhem! Since I tripped a few weeks ago in Madison on an uneven sidewalk and scraped myself badly (but was glad it was nothing worse!), I see stuff like that and think of hurting myself, not a fictional character! I do note what people says and do, and I think “hmmm. That could show up in my book some day.” So I guess you better be careful what you say around me! 😉

  2. edie17 Says:

    BTW, your blog looks great!

  3. Sandy Says:

    Mary Jo,

    I like your blog and your post. Great job.

  4. Mary Jo Says:

    Thanks Edie for your comments. I always worry about falling also, anywhere, but every time I prepared to take that first step down those stairs, that same thought would pop into my head. Insistent idea. Worth remembering. 🙂

    I’m glad you liked my blog. I hope to get more proficient with it.

    Casey/Mary Jo

  5. Mary Jo Says:


    Thanks for stopping by. And for your approval. I’m already working out the idea for next Sunday’s post. I was told this would become addictive. 🙂

    Casey/Mary Jo

  6. Hi Mary Jo!!! Great blog, and you already know I love your website. 😉

    Miss You!!

  7. Mary Jo Says:

    Thanks, Donna, and I miss you also. I’ll be posting each Sunday to start with and next Sunday, I’ll do something from Margie Lawson’s workshop.

    Stay tuned… 🙂

  8. Deb Says:

    Gee, Mary Jo, when we were there the stairway looked so grand and elegant. Still does in your photo, but with an added almost Hitchcock feel to it. Easy to see how a body could tumble down, letting out a long scream as she (has to be a she) fell. Just glad it wasn’t either of us at the retreat!

    Great photo, great post!

  9. Mary Jo Says:

    Ah, see I think possible murder and mayhem. You think elegant and grand. That’s why you write the perfect historical and I write romantic suspense… 🙂

    Thanks for posting.

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