A Maine Experience

Casey’s October Update


I went to Portland, Maine two weeks ago for the Kiss of Death (KOD) retreat.  Such a fantastic experience!


The hotel the retreat was in had the perfect ambience for allowing my creative muse to frolic among my brain cells.  The hotel was a reconverted armory originally built about the time of the Civil War.  It was located about a block and a half from Casco Bay in what is referred to as Old Portland.  Lovely area to roam in.


One of the longer workshops centered around assessing and handling a crime scene.  The poor “victim” (see photo) was stabbed, shot, strangled with a rope and had no feet or hands.  The interactive hour was informative, very interesting and lots of fun. A most enjoyable experience.  See photo below.


While there, my friend and fellow writer, Deb, helped me set up this blog site.  I’ll post more regularly as I tread the path to the publication of my first contracted book. I hope you’ll check it when you can and leave a comment if my entry spurs a response in you.


Until next time, stay safe, and keep reading.


Casey Clifford


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3 Comments on “A Maine Experience”

  1. Deb Says:

    Wasn’t it a great weekend! Along with all the informative workshops, I’m glad you were able to start your blog, and honored to snatch the chance to be the first to comment. Nice picture of Beanie, too!

    I look forward to many more posts, and most of all to the one announcing your book is available. Keep writing, my friend!

  2. Nancy Kaye Says:

    Hi, Love the new pictures on your site. It sounds like the “crime site” workshop was fun and informative. Congrats. on the blog.


  3. Mary Jo Says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Nancy.

    I hope to post something new each Sunday.


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